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​We manufacture high-quality electronic devices

With multiple dosages, and types of pens to choose from, there's something on this list for you.

Manufacturing Assembly

 A Reliable Customization Partner

Transpring has strong R&D capability and rich manufacture expertise allows us to offer customized and personalized ODM solutions and provide quick responses to customers' requirements and meet or exceed customers’ expectations.

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How it works

Company Qualification

Our manufacturing sites include GMP certified facility, component manufacturing, testing labs, and assembly lines. Resilient vape hardware solutions are available to meet customers' personalized demand. To enhance company innovation capability, R&D center, material research labs, IP analysis and management, electrical research center, and ID & structure center are all equipped.




Transpring is the leading manufacturer of OEM/ODM and fully customized vaporization hardware. We work with over 100+ successful vape brand launches across the United States and Canada. We are licensed and certified by several industry regulatory bodies, including the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and take special care to ensure that our products adhere to all international safety and quality standards. 

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Fast activated heating

“Micro-Vesicular” technology ensures sufficient vaping, 

Pure flavor, and no burnt taste.

Designed for high viscosity oil extracts

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Enjoy the biggest clouds of fruity or herb-tinged vapour possible with the best vape pens.

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